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​The ESSENSE OF GROUP/The Boston Celtics: pride, tradition and victory living forever

We are Boston Celtics fans because we love to win, and we are faithful to our team no matter how many years we have to wait to reach our goals. This team represents the ultimate desire to overcome the most difficult tasks in order to achieve the ultimate goal of victory. No matter if a championship is a stake or just a regular season game in a not so successful season in the middle of the 90's. We care for the jersey, for the banners, for the parquet. We bleed green because we appreciate the hard work, the spirit of learning through the process and learning from our history. We don't care about individual records, we help the teammate feel important. We fight together to beat the odds of history, to prove everyone wrong. We hate the purple and gold because it shows the opposite values of our team: selfishness, superficiality, glamour, individual achievements, fame...they hate us because they know they will never be the best team of the NBA. The values and virtues of true winning are a part of the Boston Celtics and nobody will be able to take it away from us.

We love the Boston Celtics because this is a special and unique franchise and because we remain together. The history of the Celtics is the history of the combination of mental toughness, talent and desire to win as a team. You can see glimpses of the presence of KC Jones in Doc Rivers, the magic of Red Auerbach in Danny Ainge, the leadership and pride of Larry Bird in Paul Pierce, the inside presence and ultimate defensive winning attitude of Bill Russell in Kevin Garnett. You can see how Rajon Rondo is already the present and future of this franchise that will always fight until the last breath, that will not cease to fight no matter what the circumstances are.

We are a mirror of our history, and our history is all about championships. It's a history of players loving to play for the green, of former players becoming fans of current players, of coaches becoming fans of history and fans becoming coaches of history. Ours is the history of learning the tradition of winning as a team, letting the dream alive for years, the flame of victory never fading away.

Let's bring #18 to the rafters. Forever proud to be a Boston Celtics fan.